Friday, December 18, 2009

It's funny...

How you think you're done and then nope. You find something else.

A few fixes today. The iTunes XML files is still found automatically but the algorithm is much better. It searches through the entire user directory, if it finds one file - golden. If it finds more than one file, it will ask for the correct one. Hopefully this doesn't happen to the average user though. It only makes sense if someone is maintaining more than one library.

Up next is the usual Netbeans can't create a preview. It turns out my "global" logger objects passed around like usual objects was causing Netbeans to not be able to initialize gui builder previews. That one took a while to figure out.

Lastly, is a much improved Installer for windows. It performs an automatic check for Java using the JREDyna plugin for NSIS. Super cool!


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