Saturday, November 7, 2009

Release Notes

iTunesDSM version 0.9.6
-Fixed an issue where the iTunes directory would not be found on boot if background monitoring was enabled
-Backup zip file is created of added temporary tracks in case iTunes does not copy files to the music directory

iTunesDSM version 0.9.5 (2/4/2010)
-Fixed issue where new tracks would not be displayed in the song table when adding them manually
-New Options panel ui
-Multiple directories can be monitored, added from, or searched for duplicates in
-Files to add to iTunes are ordered so that files within the iTunes music directory are added first
-Options class now extends the Properties class has been converted fully to a Properties object
-Removed OptionsPanel class
-Options class checks the options file is a compatible version of iTunesDSM

iTunesDSM version 0.9.1 (1/26/2010)
-ProgressMonitorDialog box now has native look and feel
-ProgressMonitorDialog has overloaded methods for calculating percent complete
-CopyFile now has option to monitor progress as well as methods to verify copied file is accurate
-Cleaner SysTrayMain code
-Added OSUtils class
-ITunesXML class has more JUnit Tests
-iTunesXML class is logged to a seperate file
-AddTracksTaskTest class tests more fully
-Fixed System Tray menu for Mac - not allow background monitoring
-iTunesDSM Added Tracks playlist reinstituted
-Version class now uses class level logger
-Changed added tracks file system tray message filepath more readable
-Removed FolderWatcher classes, events, and listeners
-Removed AllFiles classes, events, and listeners
-Fixed Icon resolutions - Added Icon class
-System Tray Icon now retrieved through Icon class
-Next background monitor scan time displayed in System Tray tooltip

iTunesDSM version 0.9.0 (1/20/2010)
-Improved background monitoring reliability
-Added option to set music directory to iTunes music directory
-Added Background Monitor Events and Listeners
-Added start and stop background monitoring to system tray
-Cleaned notifications of background monitoring to system tray only
-Changed all event types to integers instead of strings
-User can now cancel the automatic iTunes XML file search
-Updated program titles
-Only one iTunesDSM window can be opened
-SysTrayMain class implements Status interface
-Log files are deleted at each execution
-Removed ITDSMLogger class
-Background Monitor status is monitored through SysTray icon tooltip
-Donate panel tool tip displays donate url
-Removed status bar
-Parsing of iTunesXML file locations by line now works
-Memory issues fixed
-Removed iTunesDSM playlist in favor of added_tracks.txt file
-Fixed a null pointer issue when the background monitor would try to start and the music directory was null
-Removed iTunesController package in favor of limewire iTunes code
-Options file saved and read from properties xml file
-Temporary iTunes download directories are ignored
-iTunesXML file search progress is displayed in the options panel

iTunesDSM version 0.8.2 (12/30/2009)
-Added check to see if iTunesDSM.exe is running before installing over an old installation
-Installer automatically removes previous version
-Added code to help prevent duplicates from being created when adding tracks(copies to a temp folder)
-Fixed iTunes music directory not parsed on boot when itunes directory is a network drive
-CopyFile class now warns of not enough disk space when copying file
-iTunesDSM now adds songs directly to the library instead of a playlist
-After all tracks have been added a playlist is created with all new tracks
-File choosers now show iTunesDSM icon
-Added seperate logging for Folder Watching
-Added ITOperationStatus to AddTracksTask to be sure iTunes is done copying files
-Added AddToiTunesLibrary class
-Fixed Working Directory in Startup Shortcut

iTunesDSM version 0.8.1 (12/19/2009)
-Fixed Windows 32bit startup shortcut creation

iTunesDSM version 0.8.0 (12/19/2009)
-Added background folder watching
-Added FolderWatch, AllFiles, BackgroundMonitor and Event classes
-Updated Options class to maintain booleans and time delays for folder watching
-Updated Options gui object for background monitoring
-Added SysTray class, TimeSpinner class, StatusBar, StatusObject class
-Added StatusBar
-Added AllFilesProgressEvent/Listener classes
-Removed ProgressMonitor class
-Simplified OptionsPanel code
-Simplified logging
-Improved automatic xml file finding algorithm and background processing
-Added Windows Installer
-Released Source code - I had to wait until I graduated.

iTunesDSM version 0.7.2
-Fixed a bug that would not warn of a failed xml file parsing.

iTunesDSM version 0.7.1 (11/23/2009)
-Simplified search for duplicate files algorithm in DuplicateFiles class
-Added rudimentary logging
-Added HTMLFormatter class, ITDSMLogger class
-Fixed a bug that would bring up iTunes when cleaning folder, but iTunes wasn't needed
-Added selected row count to remove tracks panel, RowCountLabel class, RowCountListener class, SelectionListener class
-Added SysInfo Class
-Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Netbeans to fail at showing a preview of the GUI - propertyChangeListener on the update checkbox
-Added a dialog box that will warn the user if no options are selected on the Remove Duplicates Panel
-Removed RemoveOrphanedTask class

iTunesDSM version 0.7.0 (11/17/2009)
-Converted Options input and output to ObjectOut/inPutStream writers and readers
-Added OptionsReadTaskTest and OptionsWriteTaskTest classes
-Combined CleanDirectoryTask and RemoveOrphanedTask into CleanITunesTask
-Fixed a bug that would not correctly select all songs in the table if two or more filenames were exactly the same
-Removed jAudioTagger functionality resulting in much improved speed
-Simplified file data that is diplayed in the SongTable JTable by removing track title, track artist and track album information from the rows
-Fixed a bug that would not let the user know an unsuccessful update check was performed
-Added option to check for new version of iTunesDSM at startup
-Removed iTunes version checking
-Removed MediaFiles, FolderWatch and DataIO classes
-Simplified reading options file to one read per application instance
-Condensed AddTracksPanel and RemoveTracksPanel progress bar to one full progress bar
-Progress Bars now show percentage complete.
-Changed how the iTunes playlist is created to avoid threading issues, old iTunesDSM playlists are not deleted anymore
-Modified status labels that appear before and after tasks complete.

iTunesDSM version 0.6.3 (11/6/2009)
-Added Data class
-Added DataTest class
-Changed code that creates new options and exclusions data files

iTunesDSM version 0.6.2 (11/6/2009)
-Added major version number to current version
-Added Version parsing.
-Added iTunes version checking to ensure the proper iTunes version is installed.
-Removed indeterminate progress frame from ITunesXML class.

iTunes DSM version .6.1 (11/4/2009)
-Removed RemoveTrackDisplay class
-Minor UI improvements when scanning for orphaned files
-Added (.mov) video format extension
-Added JUnit tests for more core package classes
-Renamed AudioFileFilter class to MediaFileFilter
-Removed ITunesXMLTask class
-Removed the FileTypePanel class
-Minor source code improvements
-Fixed a bug that would not set the iTunes music directory to the correct directory after choosing another iTunes XML file.  The options panel is then updated with the new information.
-Fixed a UI bug that incorrectly displayed the progress bar in the RemoveOrphanedTask class.
-Finished first drafts of Javadoc for all classes.

iTunes DSM version .6 (11/3/2009)
-Remove Apache libraries that were used to read Property List xml files
-Added rudimentary new version checking
-Added JUnit tests for Options and DuplicateFiles classes
-Changed core.FileWriter class to core.CopyFile to keep clashing
-Removed main class in core package
-Fixed a bug that would only find up to 8 duplicated files, will now find all duplicate files no matter the iteration number

iTunes DSM version .5.1 (11/2/2009)
-Added tooltip to custom extensions option.
-Fixed bug that displayed incorrect string representation of custom extensions in options panel.
-Added junit test class to Extensions class.
-Added official ChangeLog text file.

iTunesDSM version .5 (11/2/2009)
-Added safely add new tracks to iTunes
-Added options panel
-Added exclusions
-Added options input and output

iTunesDSM version .1
-First release

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