Sunday, December 6, 2009

Folder watching update

I worked on quite a few things today. Namely, I changed the options panel for folder watching. I didn't like the JSlider I had on there before, and also checking new files in terms of minutes isn't really necessary. You can now select a 1-6 hour period in which iTunesDSM will check for new tracks.

Secondly, I've figured out how to add System tray icons. This is necessary for background running again as no one wants to see iTunesDSM in the taskbar if it is in fact running in the background. Therefore, if background watching is enabled and the user closes the window, it is minimized to the task tray. Unfortunately, background monitoring is Windows only since it depends on the AddTracksTask class that is also Windows only.

With the Task tray icon, I've also added display notifications that display out of the tray. It's the usual balloon tips, but it's useful for quick notifications.

Finally, background monitoring also requires a common status bar. Therefore, the new status bar is a common jpanel object that displays current running processes as well as a dedicated background status label and a progress bar.

I would have posted a screenshot, but eh...tomorrow. It's not quite ready.

More to follow tomorrow.


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