Thursday, November 5, 2009

iTunesDSM Screenshots

Options tab. Here you set your options such as the directories you want to search for duplicates in or that you would like to add tracks to iTunes from, background monitoring/folder watching, file types to filter, and startup options.  Just click the item on the left to display those sub-options.

Here you can see that iTunesDSM Folder Watching / Background monitoring has been enabled and the user is notified via the System tray.

The Add tracks tab. Here you can have iTunesDSM scan for new tracks to add to iTunes from the music directory manually.  You can also click the View All Added Files button to view a listing of files added to iTunes.  You can also have iTunesDSM check for new tracks in the background essentially monitoring the music directory.

When you are ready to remove duplicate files you move to the Remove Duplicates tab and click Find Duplicates. Once the task is completed you select all or some of the files in the list and then choose how you want to process them. You can back up the files to another folder, and then delete the duplicates. Lastly you can clikc the Remove Orphaned Tracks button to remove orphaned files.  Orphaned tracks are tracks that have been deleted from the music folder but that iTunes thinks still exists. You can see this when the exclamation mark appears next to a track in iTunes. Use this feature to remove those tracks from iTunes.

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