Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Creating an Exe file from java updated

Just a minor update for the previous post here. It looks like the NullSoftInstaller program works well for Installers...go figure. But creating a simple EXE file from a Java jar is better served through Launch4J. It's a simple program that can either create an exe file that runs the jar file. Or it can wrap the Jar file and create a standalone exe file. I've been choosing the wrap Jar file option to create a simpler exe file for users. This has the added benefit of seeing a real exe file in the Windows Task Monitor rather than another javaw.exe file. Either way, it definitely makes things better for users.

A few other UI updates on iTunesDSM as well. The system tray will only report new tracks that have been added if there truly were tracks added. It used to say tracks added based on a changed folder, even if no new tracks were added. Seems logical anyway.

Also checking for a new version will now report what the new version's big features are.

Finally, a few support options have been added to both the blog and to the program.

Lastly, got my final grades today. Straight A's for the last term. My final GPA was 3.67! Hope all is well.


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