Sunday, December 13, 2009

I graduated!!! And updates on 0.8.0

Background monitoring is still on the schedule. It's taken longer than I first imagined it would to square everything away. I've been switching over a lot of the code to use a Status interface class to make the classes more versatile should another developer decide to use them. It's also made it far easier to move everything to one status bar at the bottom of the program. The program still looks the same, so their is no need to post a new screenshot.

In other news, I had my commencement yesterday, so I am now a graduate degree owner!!! It was also my birthday and I am now 24. So, in quick successions, I graduated with a Mathematics degree in December of 2008 and now a Software Engineering Masters degree in December 2009 all right at 24 years of age! Now I need a job and health insurance : )

So if anyone knows of a job opening by all means let me know.

Thank you everyone who is reading and/or keeping up with the development of iTunesDSM and I plan on continuing development for as long as iTunes has issues.


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