Monday, January 25, 2010

What would you like to see in iTunesDSM?

I'm approaching the end of my ideas I have for iTunesDSM and I would like to know what features you would like to see.  If you feel inclined, add a comment below this blog post with your feature ideas and maybe I can implement them.  Thank you!



  1. support for itunes libraries on other drives, the ability to detect and show which version of a song is at a higher bitrate. etc.

  2. The ability to delete duplicates of lower bitrate as opposed to computer blindy assuming they are all of the same quality as of now.

  3. Ability to detect and remove duplicate iPhone/iPad applications. I've been trying to combine different computers' music and applications and find it has created duplicates of countless files.

  4. Hi
    Ability to add folders on a network drive