Monday, November 2, 2009

Working with JUnit

Today, after releasing the next big update, I began some formal Unit testing. Unit testing simply means that testing units or pieces of the program for bugs. I started with the Extensions class since that is the most direct user class. It's the class that handles parsing the custom extensions essentially. JUnit is interesting, it's integrated into Netbeans, though I accidently imported a newer version of JUnit than what Netbeans shipped with and it seemed to cause some errors later. No biggie now as it's just imported as any other Jar file. Not a whole lot to say about JUnit yet, other than the nice integration though. I plan on testing further this week.

I also got an idea for a very simple way to check for new versions from the client. I was thinking of a simply URL class that reads a text file on my server space from school. The same server that currently hosts iTunesDSM now. Should be simple. For now, toodles.


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