Monday, November 2, 2009

v.5 Released!!!

I'm posting the new version today. Here's what's new:
  1. Options panel that you can set your music directory and file types to filter.
  2. Add tracks to iTunes that exist in your music directory but not yet in your iTunes library. For example, users are sharing a directory for all their music and one user has bought a new song, but the other iTunes libraries don't know about it. Other wise known as folder watching.
I've added a readme file as well to help new users get up and running. I'm debating on whether or not to record a new YouTube video, I'm not really sure it's necessary, but I might do it anyway.

All of the features are supported on Windows, but unfortunately iTunesDSM relies on COM's to communicate with iTunes and therefore are not available on Macs. You can still use iTunesDSM to backup and/or remove duplicate files from a directory.

If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to email me or post a comment, I will try to fix them.


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