Friday, November 20, 2009

Sometimes frustration is an understatement

You never really know how much you appreciate tracing a bug with the Java exceptions until you mess around with Netbean's GUI editor and for some reason it can't render previews anymore. can get it to show you a message about why it can't make a preview. For instance, you can try the little eye preview button in the builder and it will show the little red icon in the bottom right. But it still isn't easy to find the real problem.

Other than that, I worked more on the Logging system today. It still logs to an html file, but almost the entire program produces log reports now. I was able to add a couple features that make it really handy too. For instance a very, very similar exception stack trace is printed to the log file just like it is to the console by Java. That's very handy, you can see almost exactly what happened, just like you would see it on the console. I also added a couple of other items that are logged.

The Options class will log itself as will the new SysInfo class, that basically provides information on the host computer.

Finally, the html files themselves are formatted in such a way that certain logs will be color coded for easy spotting. All pretty neat.

I'll probably post the new version here soon. I have one user I've been conversing with on Youtube who seems to be having issues and without any kind of reference to go off of it can be difficult to solve the problem.


I use TortoiseSVN to maintain version control as I noted in the blog a few posts ago since SourceForge will host SVN. But, sometimes I mess it up, as happened today, fortunately, I have like 8 backups of code, so nothing was lost.

Have a good weekend everyone,

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