Sunday, January 3, 2010

Background Monitoring for this week again

0.8.2 is an improvement in Background Monitoring but it's still not quite there.  As we know, when we first start background monitoring the directory is checked for new tracks to add to iTunes to be sure that any previously added folders are added, iTunes is synched up basically.  Well, sometimes it doesn't happen.  The new idea is to  just expand the AddTracksTask SwingWorker class to check multiple folders rather than scan one folder.  This way all changed folders can be sent to the AddTracksTask class and one SwingWorker thread can run for all folders rather than trying to force multiple AddTracksTasks to run one at a time.  In preliminary tests it seems to be more consistent.

Because of the multiple folders that AddTracksTask will support.  I'm thinking I can move to multiple folder support for everything.  In this case, multiple folders could be watched, multiple folders could be searched for duplicates, etc.  It would make sense for folder watching especially.

Lastly, I'm thinking of making the music directory the directory that is parsed from the iTunes XML file.  It will make things a little quicker for the user.  I'm also still looking for a job, should anything come up let me know!


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