Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Update

A little more technical but the Options class used to output to an xml file that was generated by the Properties class in the java.util package but the rest of the class was the same as it always was.  Well not anymore!! haha, the Options class has been fully converted to a Properties object (it extends Properties).  It cleans up the code and makes more sense.  Also, the Options class now makes sure the options file is compatible with the current release of iTunesDSM.  This is accomplipshed by checking a Version key in the Options/Properties object.  If the version key is there and it's the same version as the release of iTunesDSM then the file is good.  If the key is not present or it does not equal the release then the test fails and a new Options object is created.  Still a few other kinks to work out before 0.9.5 is released, but multiple directories is still on target.  Hope everyone has a good friday night.


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