Monday, January 4, 2010

0.8.3 updates

So today brings plenty of updates.  First up, is the system tray icon, now includes an option to start and stop background monitoring.  It's convenient obviously, and the options panel now reflects the status of the background monitor when ever it is opened.  Here's a screenshot...

Next is the cleaner options panel.  It was getting cluttered.  Here's a screenshot...

You can also see the status bar at the bottom has been simplified.  There is no longer a box on the left showing background monitor information.  It simply isn't needed, and if you are using Background Monitoring in a previous version, you may have noticed a lot of information that is displayed in the status bar that's not of much use to the average person.  So it got the axe.

Lastly, you can see the new option to set the music directory to the iTunes music directory.  It's a convenient feature, since the network can talk a while to load on a JFileChooser.

I'm looking to make a release here soon.

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