Friday, October 30, 2009

What I worked on today

After figuring out specifically when iTunes makes duplicates at least as far as I can tell. I was able to remove the feature that would temporarily move a new track from the itunes directory to a temp folder and then re-add the file to iTunes when iTunes was set to copy music to the folder. iTunes seems to keep from creating duplicates this way, so it's not needed anymore. I've also removed the requisite options.

Exclusions are still in though, this helps keep iTunesDSM from re-adding files outside of the library and thus preventing duplicates since one of the ways duplicates occur is by programmatically adding new tracks.

Also, I've been trying to keep Mac functionality and one area where this was a problem was in automatically locating the iTunes XML file. Well using System.getProperty("user.home") I am now able to automatically locate the xml file without user intervention on Mac. If the user has installed iTunes elsewhere and iTunesDSM can't find the xml file, then it asks the user. Another mac problem that seemed to come up but turned out to be a non issue, is if the options file was open in mac, a Concurrency Exception was thrown by my ReadOptionsTask class. Turns out you can't have the file open in Mac, but Windows it's ok. I have a feeling Windows is using a temporary file there.

Next, when iTunesDSM opens the first thing it does is look for the xml file, so sometimes, it looks like it's taking a while to locate it and the gui would drag. I've now added an indeterminate progress bar to let the user know it's finding it.

I've added a couple things to the blog. Mainly some personal information about me. I also added a features list on the side, I hadn't realized that was missing but yet so vital. It's about to get a lot bigger too!

Have a good friday everyone.

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