Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The official topic idea I submitted today

Posted here for consistency...

I’ve been referring to my program as iTunes DSM (Duplicate Song Manager) and have been keeping up with the blog that acts as the design diary. In the past few weeks, I have added the ability to add songs to iTunes in a careful manner to prevent iTunes from duplicating files. What I have in mind for this semester is to move beyond the proof of concept phase and start fully testing the program as well as documenting it. I would like to use the techniques we learned in the SE Testing class as well as learn JUnit to gain more confidence in the program functioning correctly. I also need to design more classes to distribute the logic. One of the Java techniques I have learned is implementing SwingWorker classes that act as background tasks for Java Gui’s but the side effect has been a lot of code in just three classes. Testing the program will help me divide up the logic more thoroughly.

Coincidentally, quite a few people have found my program useful, including my family so I hope to move it to a more robust state.

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