Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Working...

Still working. I keep messing around with different ideas I get. iTunes DSM is mostly ready for a next release but I like to tinker. You can still download version .1, but .2 will definitely have manual folder watching.

I have been thinking about how to run folder watching in the back ground, but the more I add, the more restricted the program becomes. For instance, the folder watching now only works in Windows as do most of the other features, which are disabled at start up on a Mac.

Some other more official blog notes...
Even though I wrote the MediaFiles class to find the files under the music directory, I can't use the class as SwingWorker classes allow you to cancel a task but that cancel boolean can not be passed to the MediaFiles class. It's a challenge I'm sure I'll figure out, but for now, I'm stuck with some repeated code.

I'm also having trouble rendering JCheckBox's in my SongTable class. It seems that a default JTable cell will render a JCheckBox when a Boolean object is passed into a table row, but if you want to change how the cell's look with a DefaultTableCellRenderer class the JCheckBoxes don't seem to work right. Another challenge, this one though is not really necessary as you can still select that might go to the chopping block for now.

Lastly, the Java default icon is lame. I've been thinking about a new icon for the DSM, but I'm not an artist. I spent a few minutes messing around with an icon idea and I've drawn a few sketches but that's about it. Anyone want to design an icon for me???

I'm also getting comments on my youtube video. I appreciate those - it lets me know that people are getting use out of the program!


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