Saturday, October 10, 2009

iTunes DSM Watched folder ...esque

Today, I've been experimenting still on a watched folder implementation for the iTunes DSM. At my house, sharing the single music folder over the network, it can be a pain adding songs when one user has bought a new track and it doesn't show up on other's iTunes. The implementation so far seems to work, of course it's all command line based at the moment. Look forward to a usable gui implementation in the near future though.

I also seperated out some of the logic in the program. Searching for media files was once the task of the TracksTask class, but has since moved to it's own MediaFiles class. This has many obvious advantages, one thing that took a while to fully understand is that the MediaFiles class searches for files recursively as before, but the class creates an ArrayList of File arrays. So basically, there is one array with a bunch of arrays in it. The arrays inside the array list are essentially the "folders" that were found within the root music directory and those folders have the filtered files in them. Doing it this way allowed me to maintain the duplicate searching method the same as it operates on a "folder" of files as well.

Anyway, I registed for Google analytics the other day and I can see the traffic my blog is getting. It's kind of neat to watch the traffic increase and hopefully people are getting a use out of my program! Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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