Thursday, October 22, 2009

Found a bug today

I've been trumping up the ability to add songs to itunes that are in the directory but not in the itunes library, for example, the file exists in c:\music where itunes stores the music, but the file has not been added to itunes yet. The bug occurs when the "Copy files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to library" option is turned on. Here's what happens....
  1. Add songs to library using iTunesDSM...itunes adds the song to the library and adds the file to the organized folder in the library root folder
  2. If the file was already there, it is duplicated, i.e. a number is added to the end of the file.
  3. iTunes references the duplicated file in the library...not the original.
  4. Tab over to the remove duplicates tab in iTunesDSM and the program dutifully finds all the recently created duplicates and the user backs them up, deletes them, and removes orphaned files in iTunes.
  5. All of the songs that were added in step 1-3 are removed since they are orphaned and we are now back to where we started.
How to fix this in the short term is to simply turn off the "Copy files...." option in iTunes while the adding process is progress assuming the files you want to add were already properly organized by another user.

If they are not properly organized before hand, the files will remain in place and itunes will reference that song outside of the usual itunes library.

This will be a tricky fix and will delay the next release.

In other aspects of the program...I have created a new icon for the program (at the top). It's basic but it gets rid of the java cup icon. Also the backup function will ask the user should the duplicate file overwrite an existing file. It's unlikely to happen but it needs to be there.


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