Thursday, October 29, 2009

v.5 Updates and Screenshots

A few updates to talk about today...

I have been working on seperating out the logic. As noted before, the SwingWorker Tasks I had were bloated because I kept adding on top of them, especially the task that operates on iTunes. Now the itunes task has been split up into an AddTracksTask class and a RemoveTracksTask class. These two tasks now handle communication to and from iTunes as well as a smaller ITunesWin class that does the simple things like getting and creating the playlists.

Also I've done some work on the options panel. Like the other day it will load all of the options from a previous instance of the program. It didn't remember the extensions that were selected from the previous time, but now it will. Basically every option that is listed in the options panel is now reloaded from previous executions. I've also simplified the act of getting the extensions from the options object, it now directly returns the extensions array and not the Extensions object which you then get the extensions array from.

Also, in the options class is the isReady() method that checks to make sure all the options are set that would be required for other tasks to run. For example, checking for duplicates before setting a directory will now throw up a dialog telling the user to set options. This makes it much easier when I'm about to start a SwingWorker task as all the settings are checked in one place rather than before each execution.

I realized I haven't posted any screen shots in a while so I added a few to this posting.


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