Sunday, September 27, 2009

iTunes functionality in place.....for Windows

Using the previously mentioned components that I added, iTunes Duplicate Song Manager, can now locate orphaned files (those that have exclamation marks next to the song in iTunes) and remove those tracks. You can see the option added just above the clean music folder button.

The user can also just run the program and just clean the orphaned files, without having to scan for duplicates, so that's nice. The program also makes sure that the host operating system is Windows based, if not, the orphan file option is greyed out.

Finally, I've added a couple more links under the help menu.

I'm still wanting to add the orphaned files remove option to Mac but not really sure how to go about AppleScripts, so I'm sure that will be later. The program itself was having trouble running in Mac under java and I wasn't sure why at first. The SwingWorker package wasn't being found, turns out that Mac Leopard was using JRE 1.5 instead of the required 1.6, so if anyone else has problems using SwingWorker in OS X look for the Java Preferences application in Finder and edit the options in there.

In other news, my research paper is 4000 words, so that's nice too. Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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