Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GUI update

I've been working frantically on the program the last two days because I have to start writing the paper here soon and I felt I needed a working program in order to start on the paper. Enjoy!

It's important to note that while I have the functionality built into it, I have it disabled at the time, but the program identifies duplicates by filename only. If you want to be sure that a song's and duplicate's title, artist, album, etc are the same, for now it must be checked by hand. Also the eagle-eyed of you may notice some missing icons on the file dialog box, this appears to be a bug with Java and Windows 7 as it occurs in netbeans and other java projects I've worked on.

I'm planning on releasing this for free. I might add a paypal donation thingy, but I'm not really worried about it at the time. Look for more updates later.


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