Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Version 0.9.5 nearing release!

After testing 0.9.5 for the past few days, I believe it's about ready.  Here's a quick run down of the new features slated...
1.  Monitor, scan, remove, and add, or remove duplicate tracks from multiple directories.
2.  New Options interface to facilitate multiple directories.
3.  Fixed an issue that displays new tracks added to iTunes in the GUI when adding song manually.

I start my new job on February the 8th, so time is going to be short for iTunesDSM development.  I plan to keep working on it though.  Look for the update in the next day or two.



  1. Wanna to thank you for interesting posts buddy.


  2. It would be good to have a newer instructional video on this page. What you have is from the older version and the new software is not the same. I tried a few things but it is a puzzle. Sorry to bother you.